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  • 24/06/15
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It was formed in the year__________________. The main objectives of YRC are as follows.

(a) Promotion of health
(b) Arrangement of Blood-Donation Camp.
(c) Service to the Sick and Suffering.
(d) Clinic and human responsibility.

Members of the Youth Red Cross are all the students of the college. They may participate in different programme as directed by the counsellers of YRC.

Two Counsellers are selected by the principal of the college as Counsellers. A Red Cross Executive Society is also organised taking the following members :

(a) Principal- President (Ex-Officio)
(b) Counseller- Two lectures nominated by the principal
(c) Secretary- A senior member,nominated by the Principal.

All the Projects and activities are selected by the committee. Every student Contributes Rs.__________________ during the time of Admission and Re-Admission.