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  • 24/06/15
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College Rules

The academic session of the college begins from July and ends in May. Admission to the college begins after the publication of the Board/Council Examination result.

Undertaking : Before a student is admitted to the college, his or her guardian, in case of the student below 18 years, has to sign an undertaking in proper form to the effect that the student will abide by the rules of the college.

Address : Every student must register his/her address at which he/she lives and must be informed to the college authority if there is any subsequent change of the address.Application for any purpose. All written application must be deposited in the box meant for the purpose.

Leave : In case of long absence from the college student must provide medical certificate in the office.

Discipline :

  1. Students must were their uniform daily and come to the college.
  2. Students must keep their bicycle double locked in the college cycle stand.
  3. Should make queue while depositing their dues.
  4. Spitting on the walls, Floors or doors of the college is strictly prohibited.
  5. Students should not use mobile inside the classroom or can not change in the study room or class room.
  6. Students are forbidden to loiter in the corridors when they have no classes to attend. They must remain in the common room, seminar or the study centre adjacent to the library.
  7. Students should be use others property without permission of the owner.
  8. Students should not misuse the notice Boards and college walls.
  9. Students must not tamper with the switches of light and fan. They must put off while leaving the room.
  10. Misbehavior of student on any ground will be severly deact with.
  11. Students must keep their classroom and college premises neat and clean.
  12. Maintenance of absolute discipline is highly essential inside the class room, study centre, library and laboratories.

Other Rules :
Identity Card : students must bring their identity card to the college daily which is issued to them from the college. Incase of damage or lost, a duplicate card may be issued on payment and through the right procedure.

CLC/T.C : CLC/TC will be issued to the students within seven days after the submission of application in the prescribed proforma along with the clearance certificates from the library/NSS/sports and other societies on payment of Rs.50/- for +2 Students Rs.100/- from +3 Students.

Library Card: Students shall be in possession of the Library Card issued by the college. They should produce the card on demand by authorities. Incase of loss or damage, a duplicate card may be issued on payment of Rs.10/- at the college counter.

Cycle Stand : The college provides a cycle stand. Each student has to subscribe Rs.10/- at the time of admission and readmission for the same purpose. No student is allowed to park the cycle in the/ beside the college building. If he/she is found to deviate the rule, necessary disciplinary action will be taken against him/her. Students must be ensured of having double locks in their cycles.

Student Insurance : Each student has to subscribe Rs.2/- at the time of admission and readmission for insurance.