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  • 24/06/15
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A. The cultural Association : The Motto of the Cultural Association is to organise discussions, debates of general, cultural and academic interests and to invite persons of eminence to address the students. Other beneficial activities are also proposed by the executive committee and approved by the principal.

The Executive Committee of the College.
1. The president - The Principal (Ex-Officio)
2. The Vice President- To be nominated by the Principal.
3. Two Asst-Vice President-To be nominated by the Principal.

B. The Dramatic Society : There shall be a Dramatic Society in the college Named P.K.Mahavidyalaya Dramatic Society. Every student of the College are members of this society. Every student Pays Rs._______________________ to the society.

Function of the Society :

  1. The Dramatic Society arranges different kinds of entertainment programmes and musical performances.
  2. It arranges popular music and dance programmes etc with the collaboration of cultural Association.
  3. The Cultural Association arranges various song, debate, essay and quiz competitions among the students in due time mentioned in the common minimum programme.
  4. All the awards and prizes are given by the cultural society in the Annual Function to the students.

B. Athletic Society :
  1. The aim of Athletic Society is to arrange games and Annual Sports of the college and encourages the sports talents among the students.
  2. The students shall contribute Rs.______________per annum for the Fund of the Society.
  3. The main objective of the society is to promote games and Athletic spirits among the students.
  4. There is an Executive Council of Athletic.
    Members of the Executive Council of Athletic
    i. Principal- President (Ex-Officio)
    ii. Vice-President- Member of the teaching staff nominated by the principal.
    iii. Asst.Vice President - Member of the teaching staff nominated by the Principal.
    iv. P.E.T.
  5. The Prizes in Annual Sports are provided by the Executive Council at the closing ceremony of the Annual Sports.
  6. All the indoor and outdoor games are arranged by the Athletic Council.
  7. The inter College Competition is to be arranged by the council in the college campus.
  8. The Executive Council will take care of the national players.