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  • 24/06/15
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Library Rules

Library Rules: All students sent up for the CHSE or University examination intending to keep library books during the Examination, may be issued library books on depositing an extra amount of 20% equivalent to the price of the book.

In such cases the borrower shall be permitted to keep books with him/her till the Examination is over. He/she shall return the books within seven 7 days from the last date of Examination. When the student will return book the deposited amount will be returned to him any deviation of the rule may be imposed a fine as decided by the principal.

  1. All the students must return the library books issued to them by the notified date before the announcement of their Test Examination failing which their results will be with held.
  2. No Student will be allowed to keep library books with him/her during summer vacation. Any student intending to keep library books in the summer vacation should apply to the Principal with a special recommendation of any member of the teaching staff otherwise he/she will be charged a fine of Rs.20/-.
  3. In case of a student does not return the library books within time, he/she will be charged a fine of Rs.0.50 per book per each day till the return of the book.
  4. A student is allowed to keep books with her at a time for 30 days only.
  5. A student has the right to apply the principal through the librarian for a duplicate library card with Rs.10/- in case of loss or damage of the library card.