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  1. There shall be one Terminal Examination and one Annual Examination in the theory paper of a subject for the +2 1st Year Arts and Commerce students. Similarly there shall be one monthly Test and another Test Examination for the +2 2nd Year students for sending them up to appear the AHSE.
  2. Tentative dates for conduct of such examination will be notified at least one month before the commencement of the examination. Detailed programme for such examination will be notified at least seven days before the commencement of the examination.
  3. Every student is required to appear all these examinations. Student remaining absent from these examinations will not be eligible for promotion or for being sent up for the H.S. Examinations.
  4. Students who remain absent from the Test/class promotion examination will have to pay Rs.20/- per each paper as re-examination fees. Any exemption of re-examining fees is under the control of the Principal. He may exempt the fees with sufficient supporting evidence.
  5. A student found in possession with the incriminating materials or attempting unfair means in order to gain any improper advantage in the Test/class promotion examination will be fined Rs.25/- and the result of that paper will remain with held. A notice to that effect will be circulated in all classes and his/her father/guardian will be informed. A student shall be fined Rs.30/- or more as determined by the Principal if reported under misconduct to invigilators/examiners/ other employees.
  6. Matters relating to examination and amomalies, if any, are taken up in the staff council meeting. Staff council will frame rules from time to time for promoting students of +2 1st year classes to the next higher classes or for sending up the candidates to appear at the university examinations.
  1. The CHSE,Odisha conducts the Annual Higher Secondary Examination every year, ordinarily in the 1st week of March. But the candidates who have failed to secure 30% in single subject but have secured 35% in aggregate can appear the instant examination within some weeks as notified by the council.
  2. Three hours duration is fixed for all theory papers carrying 100 marks in Arts/Commerce. If there is a provision of practical examination, the theory paper of the same subject carries 75 marks with the same duration of three hours. For all practical examinations in +2 stream, the duration will be three hours.
  3. The pass mark in theory and practical shall be 30% and 40% of the maximum of the maximum marks respectively.
  4. If a candidate has passed in the compulsory and optional subjects and also in aggregate the marks, if any which obtained in excess of the minimum pass marks in the extra optional subject shall be aided to her/his aggregate and the aggregate so obtained shall determine her division and he or she place in the merit list.

Notification:- The 11th March,1988

No-3601/Legis- The following Act of Orissa Legislative Assembly having been assented to by the Governor on 11th March, 1988 is hereby published for the general information.

An act for Penal Action for adoption of unfair means at certain examinations held in the state and other matters connected therewith. It is enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the state of Orissa in the 39th year of the Republic of India as follows:

  1. Short Title: The Act may be called the Orissa conduct of Examination Act, 1988.
  2. Definations: In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires :
    1. "Recognised Examination" means an examination specified in the schedule and includes evaluation, tabulation, publication of results and all the matters connected therewith.
    2. "Unfair" means any attempt to take or give any help other than any permissible, if any, under the rules applicable thereto. Any material, written, recorded or printed or replayed from any person, in any form is seriously viewed.
  3. Prohibition of use of unfair means in the examination :
    1. No person shall adopt or take recourse to unfair means in any recognised examination.
    2. No person shall aid, abet or conspire in the use of unfair means at any recognised examination.
  4. Restriction on copies of question paper to and offer of information :
    No person, who is not lawfully authorised or permitted by virtue of his duties to do so, shall enter in the examination hall before the time fixed for distribution of copies of a question paper to the examinees at a recognised examination.
    1. Procure, attempt to procure or pass such question paper or a portion or a copy thereof is an illegal attempt.
    2. Impart or offer to impart information which he knows or he has reasons to believe is related to an illegal activity. Such trends must be prohibited with due action.
  5. Prevention of leakage by personal entrusted with work.
    A person who is entrusted with exam confidence work cannot hand over the charge directly or indirectly to any other person. beyond the proper knowledge of the authority.
    If it happens so, he will be held responsible for his activity and shall be penalized according to the norms.
  6. Restriction on taking papers
    No person shall procure, possess, distribute, publicize or cause to be publicized any question paper or answer paper to anyone. He may not support anyone for such activities. If it happens so, he shall be held responsible for the negligence of his duty.
    No person in the charge of examination confidential can keep with him any evaluation or tabulation work relating to a recognized examination.
  7. Refusal of duties connected with Examination.
    No person assigned with invigilation work to any recognized examination at any centre or other work connected with such examination like evaluation, tabulation and publication of results can refuse at any circum stances.
  8. Penalty: Any deviation of the examination work may lead to an imprisonment up to three months or with a fine up to three thousand but shall not be less than hundred rupees.
  9. Investigation etc.
    1. An offence under this Act shall not be investigated by an officer below the rank of a sub-inspector of police.
    2. All offences under this Act shall be cognizable a non- bailable.
  10. Effects of other Laws:
    Where any Act or mission constitutes an offence punishable, under this Act the offenders are also liable to punished.

[See Section 2(a)]

Examination conducted by or under the authority of any university established by all of the state Legislature.

Examination established by or under the authority of the Board of Secondary Education,Odisha.

Examination conducted by or under the authority of the State Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha

Such other examination as may be specified by the Government by notification in the Official Gazette.