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  • 24/06/15
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Sl.No. Portfolio Names of the Profs.
01 Secretary Staff Council 1.Sri Abhiram Biswal, Lect-in-Eng
2. Sri A.P.Sahoo, Lect-in-Eng
02 Administrative Bursar 1.Sri J. Biswal, Reader in Eco
2. Sri Abhiram Biswal, Lect-in-Eng
03 Accounts Bursar 1.Sri A.Nayak, Lect-in-Logic & Philo
2.Sri U.C.Sahoo, Lect-in-Com.
04 Academic Bursar 1.Sri.G.Biswal, Lect-in-Odia.
2.Sri U.K.Mishra, Lect-in-Pol.Sc.
3.Sri S.N.Khandai, Lect-in-History
4.Sri A.K.Panda, Lect-in-Eng.
05 Examinations 1.Sri J.M.Biswal, Reader-in-Economics
2.Sri P.C.Mohanty, Lect-in-Economics
3.Sri A.P.Sahoo, Lect-in-Eng
4.Sri P.K.Mishra, Lect-in-Edn.
06 Chairman Planning Forum 1.Sri J.M.Biswal
07 Library 1.Sri A.Biswal, Lect-in-Eng
2.Sri S.N.Khandai, Lect-in-History
3.Sri A.C.Sahoo, Lect-in-Eng
08 Scholarship 1.Sri M.K.Sahoo, Lect-in-Odia
2.Smt Ahalya Jena, Lect-in-Odia
3.Sri P.C.Jena, Lect-in-Philo
09 Study Centre 1.Sri Abhay Khuntia, Lect-in-History
10 Girl's Common Room 1.Smt.Ahalya Jena, Lect-in-Odia
11 Sports 1.Sri U.K.Mishra, Lect-in-Pol.Sc
2.Sri S.N.Khandai, Lect-in-History
3.Smt.Ahalya Jena, Lect-in-Odia
12 D.S.A 1.Sri P.C.Mohanty, Lect-in-Eco
2.Sri S.N.Khandai, Lect-in-History
3.Sri D.Mishra, P.E.T
4.Sri D.K.Boitai, Lect-in-Com.
13 Secretary Eco-Club 1.Sri S.N.Khandai, Lect-in-Hist
2.Sri A.K.Panda, Lect-in-Eng
14 Discipline Committee 1.Sri J.Biswal, Reader-in-Eco
2.Dr.A.C.Mishra, Lect-in-Odia
3.Sri A.Nayak, Lect-in-Logic & Philo
4. Sri G.Biswal, Lect-in-Odia
5. Sri S.N.Khandai, Lect-in-Hist
15 Cultural Activities 1.Sri A.C.Sahoo, Lect-in-Sans
2.Sri P.K.Mishra, Lect-in-Edn.
3.Smt.Nivedita Mishra, Lect-in-Eco
4.S.K.Routray, Lect-in-Sociology
16 Construction Committee 1.Sri J.Biswal, Reader-in-Eco
2.Sri A.Nayak, Lect-in-Logic & Philo
3.Sri G.Biswal, Lect-in-Odia
4.Sri A.C.Sahoo, Lect-in-Sans
5.Sri A.P.Sahoo, Lect-in-Eng
6.Sri G.Biswal, Lect-in-Odia & Sri A.Biswal, Lect-in-Eng
17 Purchase 1.Sri A.C.Khuntia, Lect-in-Hist
2.Sri A.C.Sahoo, Lect-in-Sans
3.Sri A.P.Sahoo, Lect-in-Eng
18 Time-Table 1.Sri P.C.Mohanty, Lect-in-Eco
2.Sri A.P.Sahoo, Lect-in-Eng
19 SAMS 1.Sri G.Biswal, Lect-in- Odia
2.Sri P.C.Mohanty, Lect-in-Eco
3.Sri A.K.Panda, Lect-in-Eng
4.U.C.Sahoo, Lect-in-
5.U.Mishra, Lect-in-
20 R.T.I 1.Sri U.K.Mishra, Lect-in-Pol.Sc
2.Sri S.K.Routray, Lect-in-Socio
21 N.S.S(+2)
1.Sri A.K.Panda, Lect-in-Eng
1.Sri M.K.Sahoo, Lect-in-Odia
22 U.G.C. 1.Sri J.Biswal, Reader-in-Eco
2.Sri A.P.Sahoo, Lect-in-Eng
23 Y.R.C 1.Sri P.C.Mohanty, Lect-in-Eco
2.Sri P.K.Mishra, Lect-in-Edn.
24 Sexual Harassment Cell 1.Sri M.K.Sahoo, Lect-in-Odia
2.Smt.Ahalya Jena, Lect-in-Odia
25 Placement Cell 1.Sri A.Biswal, Lect-in-Eng
2.Sri P.C.Jena, Lect-in-Philo
3.A.C.Sahoo, Lect-in-Sans
26 Repair & Maintenance 1.Sri A.Nayak, Lect-in-Logic & Philo
2.Sri A.C.Sahoo, Lect-in-Sans
27 College Magazine & Calendar 1.Sri A.Biswal, Lect-in-Eng
2.Dr.A.C.Mishra, Lect-in-Odia
3.Sri A.C.Sahoo, Lect-in-Sans
28 Director IQAC 1.Achutananda Nayak, Lect-in-Logic & Philo